Airspace Driver Partner App

Project Overview


Drivers needed to take several steps when picking up and delivering packages with the Airspace driver app. However, the app’s rigid, predefined process could cause delays and confusion, overwhelming operations with inbound calls during fulfillment.


Streamline the workflow to give drivers more control over the pickup and delivery process. Align the new flow with the task-based process used by the operations team to reduce the number of inbound phone calls.


  • Decreased in-bound driver calls by 56.2%
  • Increased driver satisfaction by 15% 
  • Lowered service failures by 32%
  • Decreased missed POD steps by 45%

My Role

As Senior Lead Product Designer on the mobile team, I planned the complete design phase of the project, realizing the vision and iterating on the task workflow throughout the pilot and launch.

I worked with company-wide stakeholders on the planning and requirements phases, providing weekly updates on progress.

I also coordinated all discovery research and facilitated collaboration sessions, user interviews, and usability tests.

What I did

  • Coordinated team alignment

  • Lead the research and strategy phase

  • Defined the userflow

  • Lead the visual design for the feature

  • Presented the feature to the executive team

  • Built out prototypes for testing

  • Established a new mobile design system


Airspace is an emerging tech logistics company providing clients with efficient routing for time-critical orders like human organ shipments. The operation team at Airspace is responsible for dealing with these critical orders and ensuring there are no service failures with the help of automated tasks via the internal platform.

Airspace’s Driver Partner App offers an experience for drivers using these automated tasks that helps drivers fulfill orders by efficiently completing the pick-up and delivery process.

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