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Project Overview


Clients were not ramping up their order volume as quickly as anticipated. Many order placers were dropping before completing the process. They needed a faster way to see an estimate for their shipping needs.


The goal of the project was to create a new path for order placers and eliminate as many steps as possible in the process. Allowing them to quickly get insight into the delivery in less time.


  • Over 250 new quotes were generated in the first day.
  • 75% of quotes were converted to live orders.
  •  20% of quotes were saved for later consideration.
  • 20% increase in orders placed after the first month.

My Role

I was the Senior Product designer on the team. I identified the plan for the UX/UI phase of the project and took the lead on coordinating discovery research and facilitating collaboration sessions with the engineering team.

Our team worked with partners and stakeholders across the company to gain insight and buy in for the product feature.

I was responsible for designing the feature, making iterations based on feedback and testing and optimized it throughout the launch.

What I did

  • Lead the research and strategy phase

  • Facilitated collaboration workshops

  • Lead the product vision and strategy

  • Lead the visual design for the feature

  • Presented the feature to the executive team

  • Design system contributions


Airspace built an intuitive client portal that allows customers to quickly request, submit, and track their time-critical shipments. These unique features and improved transparency throughout the fulfillment process have been a key advantage, accelerating market share growth and business expansion.

However, signing new contracts with customers did not always translate into the expected revenue. In many cases, it took customers a significant amount of time to ramp up to their projected levels. There were many factors at play, including a competitive landscape. Nevertheless, signing new customers positions Airspace to compete for their urgent logistics business. In order to capture more orders and ramp customers faster, Airspace needed a faster way for customers to get an estimate for their shipping needs.

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