Automation Research

Project Overview


Airspace was experiencing a period of hyper growth. With each new account additional operations team members needed to be on boarded to help facilitate the new orders. The speed at which the team was growing was not sustainable to become profitable.


We believed that if we could investigate the problem by conducting UX research, areas of automation could be identified to alleviate the problem. By automating parts of the operations process would lower the growth rate and lead to profitability.


  • Identified 7 different solutions areas.
  • Presented 2 different paths to automation.
  • 1 solution was selected to be developed.
  • Release led to a 42% decrease in outbound calls.

My Role

I was the Senior Product designer on the team. I worked alongside a Senior Researcher to plan out a 6 week innovation sprint to dig into the problem to develop a portfolio of solutions to this problem.

Our team worked with partners and stakeholders across the company to gain insight into the problem. I coordinated all of the discovery research and facilitated interviews and collaboration sessions with a variety of stakeholders.

I was responsible for prototyping a number of different features, making iterations based on rapid testing..

What I did

  • Coordinated all research sessions

  • Facilitated interviews and workshops

  • Developed a vision for path to automation

  • Lead the prototyping of several ideas

  • Presented concepts to the executive team


Airspace was rapidly growing as a tech-based logistics company providing clients with efficient routing and better visibility for their time-critical shipping needs. Airspace shipments are highly sensitive, requiring the internal operations team to provide oversight on each order to ensure that they are picked up and delivered on time.

However, the operations team was spending a lot of time doing manual and redundant work. With the company onboarding new accounts and the operations headcount growing with every new account, was unsustainable for long-term profitability.

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