Project Overview


Whova has an app for event attendees. This app has many features for everything an attendee will need when they are at the event, including an agenda, calendar of events, an inbox with updates, and much more.

My challenge was to design an improvement to the attendee mobile app’s social community board to increase the number of attendees who join meetups during events. This would allow attendees to have more to do after the daily activities and meet more people at the event.


My approach was to come up with a number of different ideas that could make a difference in people finding, creating, and attending more meetups.

For the app UI, it was essential to reorganize the content into different sections so users could easily find what they were looking for. As well as cleaning up and modernizing the look and feel of the app to make it easy to see what was happening on a day-to-day basis.


My Role

This was a fun little side challenge I undertook. I started by doing a brief competitive analysis of the app to get a view of the different apps in the space. I then read over some app reviews to understand the user’s needs. Then I put together a list of the times and places where users are coming from to attend events to get a better understanding of their context.

With only 6 hours, I developed 6 different ideas on how to approach the problem and a brief strategy for the direction. I also created wireframes to provide a clear idea of how to work through the problem.

What I did

  • Conducted discovery research

  • Identified user needs

  • Updated the information architecture

  • Defined a new flow

  • Developed low-fidelity wireframes

  • Put together a presentation


  1. Improve the experience of the community board to increase attendance to event meetups.
  2. Increase attendee satisfaction by creating more opportunities to network and ways to meet new people at the event.
  3. Increase organizers satisfaction by having excitement and energy created during the events by satisfied attendees, who will return to future events and become promoters of the event.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact me and I would be happy to walk you through the complete case study.

Email me at: bradmolend619@gmail.com

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