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Creative Direction
UX/UI Design

Digital Operative,

Transforming Tradition Media into a Mobile Experience

With the launch of the iPad, household media companies wanted to find new ways to reach their audience through mobile devices. As magazine subscriptions continued to decline they were looking for innovative ways to repackage their content through an engaging multimedia app experience. I was excited to have the opportunity to put together some creative concepts and design mockups for a pitch with a well know men’s magazine.

Although we didn’t win the bid and the iPad app was never built I feel the designs have a unique quality worth sharing.



The InSider Network

The first concept titled: The InSider, was the The Next Level of Men’s Entertainment. It allowed viewers to go behind the scenes to gain an insider’s point of view into the worlds of Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Business and Girls.

The monthly hostess was the guide and muse for a man’s adventure through shows, articles, shopping and galleries to inform his lifestyle. This on-demand virtual network would include exclusive video content, monthly articles, a shop with limited addition items and deals on exclusive products and events.



The Playbook

The second concept titled: Quarterly Playbook for Men, was looking to turn average men into sophisticated gentleman with swagger and confidence. The app would feature video content and articles released on a quarterly basis. Each quarter would build on the past with a specific theme to educate and evolve men into the man they wanted to become.

Fresh content would be released monthly throughout the quarter to keep the viewer engaged and coming back for more. Tightly integrated ad packages would be tied into each video and article. Men could then take the next step on their journey and make educated buying decisions on items and experiences to evolve their lifestyle.

Topics include:

  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Politics & Business
  • Tech & Trends
  • Advice & Tips
  • Girls & Sex
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